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Learn The Truth About Myths in Health

None of us like dealing with false content and alleged facts, but that is what you will come across concerning your health and similar content. It seems that so many headlines are the same with newly discovered substances that will take care of anything. What you must learn how to do is become discriminating about what you read and hear on talk shows, etc. So if you are just as skeptical as us, then you will appreciate what you are about to read. Each of the following tips are solely about some myths and untrue reports in the health/fitness industries.

Not everybody wants to be huge when it comes to muscles, and so the myth is simply to lift less. The myth says that it is better to do a bunch of extra reps with lighter weights than fewer reps with heavier weights.


This is a gender issue because female lifters and body builders do not have those hormones that cause muscles to get really huge. Just keep in mind that having big muscles does not automatically make you healthy or mean that you are. Going outside with wet hair increases your chances of catching a cold. How often have you heard that old wives tale? Here is the fact of the matter – your immune system keeps right on working wet hair and all. You can be cold when you are outside, and some studies have proven that this has no bearing on catching a cold, and the bit about the hair was also shown to have no bearing. The most important thing you can do is take care of your self and be sure you get enough sleep because lack of sleep depresses your immune system.

There are plenty of sayings about if you should eat or just drink fluids when you are sick. What you need to do is know what is making you sick, is it a virus? And that is normally the case in point. Just be sure that you are taking any medications you can OTC types that may help with symptoms. So there it is and there are no big secrets about it, but there are myths about what you should do when ill. We are wise to seek the truth and to debunk myths and generally stay informed. It is common sense that you cannot go around believing all you hear. Now you know more about these topics but there is so much more you can read about. After you finish reading this article, then pop over to Bing and see what more there is about the topics discussed here.

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