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Simple Steps to Improve Your Golf Swing

Improving your golf swing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. You do have to be committed to making changes, and making that your intention.

When you practice your golf swing, if you do it over and over, but are doing it wrong, it isn’t doing you any good. When you learn the right things to do, your golf swing and whole game will improve, as you practice what you have learned. Once you finish this article, you will know several things to try that will improve your swing.

Your stance has a lot to do with your golf swing, so this is something you should pay close attention to. When you are golfing and you take your stance, it needs to allow the club to swing with ease, so it should be comfortable and relaxed. Your knees need to be slightly bent, and your feet should be as far apart as your shoulders. When you swing the club, your weight must be adjusted somewhat, which means your knees can’t lockup or have too much bend in them. Your back and head should be straight, but not rigid. Not everybody has to stand the exact same way, but the fluid motion of the swing is pretty much the same in all good golf swings.


There have been many advances in technology that your golf game can take advantage of. A tool that has recently come on the market to aid the golfer is the rangefinder. A rangefinder will help you figure out how far away from the pin you are when hitting from the middle of a fairway. Checkout the best rangefinder reviews guide to find one that fits your budget and bring your golf game into the modern age.

One of the best ways of learning the golf swing is to watch others and use their swing as a pattern. Improving your own swing can be made easier by picking certain players and watching their swings on video. You can find apps that are only for those people who play golf. An example of this is V1 Golf, which will compare the swing of golf pros to your own. Your computer screen can have planes drawn on it, where your swing can be analyzed in smaller segments. When you want to find out your handicap, there are other apps, which will do that for you. You are not going to become a better golfer with technology itself, but used the right way it can help you.

If you want the ball to travel a long ways, after you hit it, you will need to pay attention to how you follow through when completing your swing. The ball will go in the wrong direction, usually a slice for most golfers, when you follow through wrong. Your shot has power and your swing looks fluid when you follow through correctly because you will follow through correctly any time you make a proper swing. It’s something that’s relevant in many different sports, from tennis to baseball. When you whole body isn’t working right, you will not have the right follow through. When you practice, pay attention to your follow through because it will tell you if you are swinging correctly, which is why expert golfers follow through the right way. When you see a pro hit a bad shot, you will see that their follow through was off, showing something happened earlier in their swing.

Practice makes perfect, but with golf that is only true if what you are practicing is correct. Developing a better golf swing can be helped by using some of the above tips. You probably need to work on transferring your weight, but maybe your stance or grip need adjusting. The golf swing has many different parts, which need to be worked on, but all people have their own issues.

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